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Groundworks for Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Projects


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Due to the unique nature of prison environments, we recognise the importance of understanding and complying with the MoJ's stringent security procedures. Working in a live prison environment presents daily challenges that require collaboration and adaptability. We understand the complexities of the enhanced EL1 security clearance processes, access restrictions for material deliveries and condensed working hours.
Our involvement begins at the preconstruction stage, with programming, cost planning, site investigation works,  and technical support. By cultivating strong partnerships with our clients and having the opportunity to of early engagement in the schemes, we overcome problems together allowing us to navigate the unique obstacles presented by working in a prison environment successfully.

EL1 Security Clearance

To ensure compliance, all of our workers have undergone stringent background checks to safeguard the security, confidentiality, and well-being of the facility, inmates, and personnel involved, maintaining the integrity and safety of the prison environment.

Our dedicated internal Compliance and People Manager works closely with the groundworks team, coordinating the EL1 process, providing support to individuals and ensuring the smooth progression of the clearance procedure.

Precision Programming

Accommodating for the restricted working hours poses additional challenges regarding project scheduling. Operations such as concrete placement have to be uniquely sequenced to account for finishing, curing, and other necessary processes. To adapt to these restrictions, we embrace a flexible approach and maintain our close partnership with the client throughout, allowing us to work within the limited time frame effectively. Our detailed approach to programming sees us consistently achieving milestones and adhering to key dates.

Detailed Logistical Plan

Recognising the significance of meticulous planning and coordination, we engage
in numerous planning meetings with our clients and directly liaise with prison authorities
prior to commencing work. These efforts ensure that all labour, plant, and material
resources are scheduled at least a week in advance, allowing for the necessary security
clearance process.

"This is my second time working with Shanco. As this is a live prison, it’s taken a momentous effort to organise staff bookings and deliveries, and a good team effort has been achieved due to their positive attitude. Access/clearance has been a challenge, and the coordination of deliveries by Shanco has been fantastic. This has been such a crucial part of the running of the site, it has made my job far easier. 


The relationship with security and the OSGs is also very crucial, Shanco has adhered to the policies and has also helped tremendously in this regard. Their QA and HSE procedures are well documented and have been complimented on by our relevant departments.


We have faced many challenges together as a team, their proactive approach has been of great assistance, and the project is ahead of programme thanks to them. I would certainly recommend Shanco for any future projects in the MoJ department, or any other site projects."

— Dale Green - Project Manager - HMP in Northern England

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