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Shanco Work As Principal Contractor To Provide Technical Solutions In A Challenging Industrial Environment

LNS Turbo, Wombwell Value: £40,000

The customer required the construction of a new concrete access ramp and turning/loading area for forklifts to use, at the rear of their existing industrial unit.


Shanco was appointed as Principal Contractor and, as such, was responsible for the running of the site, the organisation of the welfare facilities and the coordination of all deliveries. A key concern in managing the works was to guarantee that the activities of LNS Turbo would not be adversely affected and that their service yard area (used for storage and deliveries) could remain in operation throughout.

An important technical consideration was to ensure that the new concrete ramp, which was to be cast against the factory, did not overload the existing building wall during the construction phase. Utilising our experience and technical expertise, the team first cast a new wall against the existing factory, done so in small stages so as not to overload the structure. From that, the rest of the ramp works could be carried out. The new ramp was completed to the satisfaction of the customer, and we have been awarded additional works at the site due to the success of this project.

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