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Precision was the key to Shanco’s first project with Eco Building Specialist Cygnus Homes

After 18 months of pre-planning and design development we have installed the first set of ‘modular’ foundations for Cygnus Homes first Eco Home. Working with Cygnus Homes on their first trial build of their new E-Homes, we have installed the underground foundations and precast beams to a tolerance of +/- 2mm in level and +0/-4mm on plan.
Every element of the new E-Home is precision engineered to give the end user a home that is 100% more energy efficient than traditionally built houses. We constructed all precast elements off site at our premises in Castleford and transported to site. The installation of the beams took only one hour and were levelled to tolerance in minutes.
We seized the opportunity to work with Cygnus Homes after we were recommended to them as a construction partner by a mutual supplier. The innovation of the E-Homes absolutely blew us away when we first met with Cygnus. We knew that once this product was brought to market customers in the housing sector would be queueing up to get involved.

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