The Modular Answer to Faster, Better, More Affordable Homes

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The UK Government has pledged that the country will be building 300,000 new homes a year by the end of this parliament to tackle the shortage of supply.  That gives us about five years to find a way of producing high quality, affordable homes of varying sizes quickly and cost effectively, which can only mean one thing: modular.

And Shanco are not the only people that think so. Alongside the varied players that are well-established in the marketplace and the growth in modular construction for everything from schools to hotels, there are some major players investing in a long-term modular construction strategy. Legal & General has already pledged to ‘do for housing what Henry Ford did for the modern automotive industry’, with the company’s factory due to be producing its first modular homes by June. Now, residential developer, Berkeley Homes, has been given the go-ahead to build a modular factory in Kent that will produce around 1,000 new homes a year.

All of this represents a real acceptance of the quality, durability and buildability of modular homes. No longer are these perceived as a flimsy, temporary ‘prefabs’ but rather as a viable alternative to traditionally built homes that will save money, thereby making homes more affordable and quicker to build.

Groundworks are an important part of that shorter delivery time strategy. As an experienced groundworks contractor for the modular sector, Shanco can provide a turnkey package encompassing everything from highways works and utilities connections, to creating the foundations and completing the hard landscaping.

Most importantly, unlike conventional residential schemes where the build cannot begin until the enabling works have been completed, with a modular scheme, we can excavate and built the foundations while the modular unit is being constructed at the factory and continue with the civils and landscaping while it is being erected on site, taking weeks off the programme.

There is a revolution happening in the way we build homes thanks to the brilliant work being done in the modular sector and Shanco is proud to be part of the delivery chain supporting that change.

Felix Clarke