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Shanco Manage Difficult Access with An Innovative Solution

Yorkshire Water Waste Water Treatment Works – Former Press House Value: £50,000

Working as Principal Contractor, Shanco were contracted to manage and carry out the clearance of vegetation and tree growth from within the former Press House building. It was necessary to expose the building’s existing concrete slabs to enable surveying and assessment to be carried out.

The team encountered numerous challenges associated with working in such an old, overgrown and unused building, the most difficult of which was the highly restricted access.  The majority of the doorways and windows had been bricked up to prevent unauthorised entry and delay deterioration, which prevented the access of larger plant and equipment. Always looking for innovative solutions, rather than demolish the brick-sealed access, the team developed a plan to lift the equipment through the roof void using a 50 tonne crane. This work required thorough planning and coordination to ensure a safe method was developed and implemented. The solution allowed the works to continue and progress at faster rate.

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