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Shanco Manage Difficult Access with An Innovative Solution

Shanco, operating as the Principal Contractor, was entrusted with a significant challenge at the Yorkshire Water Waste, Water Treatment Plant. The task involved clearing vegetation and tree growth within the former Press House building, with the vital objective of exposing the existing concrete slabs, piers and walls for accurate surveying and assessment purposes. The project’s complexities were further intensified by the building’s age, dense overgrowth, and disuse.


The Shanco team encountered a multitude of challenges, the most daunting of which was the highly restricted access within the old building. Most doorways and windows had been sealed with bricks, impeding the entry of larger plant and equipment. Rather than resorting to demolishing these barriers due to not knowing the integrity of the structure, Shanco’s team showcased a quick-thinking approach. Our innovative solution involved utilising a 50-tonne crane to lift the equipment and machines through the roof void. This ingenious plan, developed meticulously and executed with precision, ensured the project’s continuity and significantly accelerated its progress.


Our in-house Health and Safety department played a crucial role in ensuring all measures were in place to ensure the whole operation was conducted safely, considering all operatives involved were safe throughout. Implementing this solution required exhaustive planning and coordination. Shanco’s team ensured every detail was meticulously considered to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the operation. Through careful planning, we devised a method that not only allowed access but also facilitated a faster pace of work, ultimately saving time and resources.


Shanco’s ability to think on their feet and devise inventive solutions, such as the crane-assisted equipment lift through the roof void, exemplifies their expertise and adaptability in complex solutions. By addressing the challenge of restricted access with quick thinking and thorough planning, Shanco ensured the smooth progression of the project at the Yorkshire Water Waste Treatment Plant. This case study highlights Shanco’s commitment to finding innovative solutions that not only overcome obstacles but also enhance project efficiency, emphasising their reputation as a leading construction solutions provider.

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