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A High-Quality Installation was Essential for a Thriving Industrial Facility

Naylor Drainage – Barnsley Value: £120,000


As part of a larger factory upgrade scheme, Shanco were appointed to break out an existing concrete slab and then reinstall it, ready for a new factory building to be constructed. We were able to provide advice on the design, sequencing of the works and installation technique necessary in order to install the concrete slab and ramp correctly with all the required features.

There are some highly technical elements associated with this type of work, and this project was no exception. The reinforced slab needed to incorporate large service ducts as part of the construction, as well as a deep sump pit, which needed to be watertight. Holding down bolts needed to be installed in exactly the correct positions to locate the steel columns ready for the new building. There was no room for error, and due to our expertise and experience, we were able to successfully complete the works to an excellent standard.

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