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Good Coordination and Communication Helps Abby Hill Primary School Grow

Abbey Hill Primary School Value: £70,000

Shanco were contracted to carry out the groundworks required for the installation of new modular classrooms to increase the capacity at the school. Works included a large scale excavation to reduce the overall ground level and the installation of the foundations to support the new classrooms. Shanco also completed the installation of the drainage and the external works and landscaping. 

During the project there were a large number of other contractors working on the site and also on an adjacent project very close by. One of the main challenges was ensuring good coordination with these various contractors to prevent the works from impacting on the school, which remained in operation throughout. Good communication was key in managing the various deliveries and operations to ensure they didn’t clash with the other contractors, and the Shanco Site Supervisor closely monitored the works with the other trades to ensure that there weren’t any conflicts. This approach kept the overall project on schedule, much to the satisfaction of the main contractor and the school’s team.

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