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Full Groundworks Package for New Lidl

The Gelder Group chose Shanco to deliver a full groundworks package for the construction of a new Lidl in Rotherham. This scheme was secured after Shanco’s performance on another Lidl project for the Gelder Group in Wakefield.

The 23,700 sq ft store is located on the site of a former Working Men's Club which had been derelict for many years and suffered from fly tipping, contamination and overgrown areas.

The Solution

The site was on a mounded elevation, sloping in two directions so required significant reshaping for the works to be carried out. A reduce level dig was carried out and the spoil used as part of a cut and fill exercise to level the site, ready for construction.

The existing building had been demolished and the subsequent brick rubble crushed for re-use on site. Shanco laid this material to build up and level the site where necessary. This saved the contractor considerable costs and reduced the environmental impact of the work by preventing the need to remove the material and import additional aggregate.

The foundations were mass filled concrete with reinforcing mesh, and PCC and uPVC drainage was installed across the site. This incorporated land drains in the landscaped areas, slot drains across the car parks and a large geo-cellular attenuation tank to handle surface water from the project.

Extensive service ducting was also installed to allow for power to the whole store and car park.

Reinforced concrete retaining walls and loading bay walls were cast to form the landscaping and lorry access to the new store. Internally, over 2000 sq m of reinforced concrete slabs were cast for the floors.

Kerbs and edgings were installed around the car park and paths with heavy duty Trief kerbs incorporated for the lorry access/loading ramp.

Block paving was also laid to the front of the store, tactile paving installed across the pedestrian routes in the car park, and Gabion baskets used as a decorative retaining feature on some elevations.


The size of the store required numerous contractors to work simultaneously to meet the completion date, so the construction programme was tightly scheduled. This meant that works around the other trades, from demolition to steel erection and fit out had to be carefully managed, ensuring they had safe access to and from the site and sufficient space.

Given the possible site contamination, Shanco implemented site specific control measures and operatives had specialist asbestos awareness training to make sure they were aware of the dangers and what to do if any potential asbestos containing material (ACM) was discovered.


This is the second project that Shanco has successfully delivered for the Gelder Group on behalf of Lidl. The groundworks for the new Rotherham store were completed safely, quickly and effectively within seven months and in line with the tight construction programme.

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