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Concrete and Drainage Works for B&Q

NMC Group, an independent surfacing and civil engineering contractor, appointed Shanco to deliver concrete and drainage works as part of a major resurfacing project for the B&Q distribution centre in Doncaster.

The contract was awarded to Shanco based on its previous strong performance at another NMC project, comprising of car park improvement works for Tesco in Leeds.


The Solution

To assist NMC with the resurfacing of an area spanning 300m2, Shanco was tasked with renewing the existing concrete slabs and drainage kerb channels at the entrance to the distribution centre.

This involved saw cutting the existing slabs and kerbs to remove them safely and precisely. The area was then excavated and suitably stoned up to provide an even, stable base for the new slabs. Reinforcing mesh was installed to run through the slabs and tie into the existing slabs through secured dowels. The concrete was poured and given a brush finish to provide a high-grip surface.

The existing Beany Block drainage kerbs were removed and reinstalled on the new concrete bed.



The distribution centre had to remain open and fully operational throughout the works, which took place at the facility’s main entrance and security gate. This required a robust fencing and traffic management system to ensure the frequent HGV deliveries were safely guided into the B&Q facility. Sequencing of works was important to minimise disruption to the retailer’s operations.


The concrete and drainage works were completed quickly, safely and effectively within two weeks. Having delivered two successful projects for NMC and its retail clients, the contractor selected Shanco for a third scheme in Carlisle.

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